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ECCI Clients: Never Miss a Permit, Inspection, or Report Due Date Again!

ECCI monitors environmental compliance events for our clients.

Our advanced automated event reminder system keeps track of our client's critical permit, inspection, reporting, and other due dates and sends one or more emails to one or more client staff and also to the appropriate ECCI staff representative in plenty of time to meet the deadline.


How does it work?

Our client's company contact information and the selected event type is entered into the sophisticated ECCI Client Relationship Management (CRM) application, developed by Tiger Team Solutions.  Our clients choose how many reminder emails are to be received at regular intervals in advance of the event due date.

Professional emails, positive communication.

Emails are sent to a designated client representative and an ECCI team member at regular intervals well in advance of the event due date.  This ensures that both ECCI and the client are made aware of an approaching due date in plenty of time to coordinate the necessary requirements to satisfy permit renewal, facility inspection, reporting or other event type selected.  Alternatively, our clients may choose to be notified of approaching due dates by telephone instead of email.

This is a completely free service offered to all of our clients interested in effectively managing their critical event due dates. 

Contact ECCI today at (501) 975-8100 to schedule your critical event reminders.

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